Chairman Message

Our aim at Jayamadhi College of Allied Health Science is to mould our students into responsible Caretakers, with emphasis on knowledge and human values. As stated in our mission, the intellectual, personal, and professional success of our students should manifest in the greater cause of the advancement of society and nation. To this extent, and as we enter into the third year, we strive to provide equal opportunities to the rural students to compete with urban students on a level playing field.

The infrastructure is being built up to be state-of-art. The quality of education provided is continually evaluated and enhanced. Competency levels of our faculty are being advanced. Knowledge and skill are the watchwords. Placement training and soft skills development are given topmost priority. Sports and extracurricular activities add spice to the experience. Students are trained on ethics and etiquette. On the whole it should be a totally rewarding experience for all the budding Caretakers who enter into our portal.